What is a “Talking Points Toolkit”?

The purpose of the Talking Points Toolkit is to help initiate and normalize the dialogue around contraception and provide an opportunity to talk about it in a proactive and positive way that is empowering for all.

What resources are in the Talking Points Toolkit?

The Talking Points Toolkit contains the following (all of which are available to download):

Myth vs. Fact PDF

PATH Questions PDF

TCI Brochure PDF

Bedsider Sheet: “How Well Does Birth Control Work?”: English / Spanish / Zomi

TCI Referral Process PDF

TCI How To Make An Appointment Guide PDF

TCI Qualifications PDF

CDC Medical Eligibility Criteria PDF ( App available on iPhone or Android)

Talking Points Toolkit PowerPoint

IUD Postcard: English / Spanish

Implant Postcard: English / Spanish

Download the entire kit

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