Withdrawal (pull-out)

Withdrawal is the oldest form of birth control on the planet. How to do it: The person with the penis pulls out before they ejaculate and moves their penis away. The key thing to remember is this: it’s got to be done right — every single time — for withdrawal to be effective. And even if it’s done right, there is still some sperm and infection in pre-ejaculate fluid. But oftentimes, folks will use this with another method, like a condom, to cover all their bases.


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› no sti protection

Withdrawal (pull-out) does not protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV (if left untreated, can cause AIDS). You should use a condom each time you have sex to prevent STIs.

› consistent and correct

You have to make sure to pull-out correctly, every time, no matter what, in order for them to be effective. Withdrawal requires extreme body awareness and the ability to predict ejaculation (and pull-out before it happens), and it needs trust between partner(s).

› you can use it with another method

You can use withdrawal to double-up with another method.

› free

Always communicate with your partner(s) about using this method beforehand to make sure everyone is on the same page.

› have a back-up

Many folks use pull-out with another birth control method (like condoms and/or something else). In the case of an emergency (like pull-out didn’t happen on time), consider using emergency contraception and talk to your provider.

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