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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping from our partner pharmacy RevanRX usually takes 2-5 business days or if you are in Tulsa & Oklahoma County and need it quicker, you can visit a partner site to pick up the kit Tulsa map and here’s an OKC map of partner locations.

No, the morning-after pill prevents pregnancy before it happens. It does not terminate an existing pregnancy.

Yes, the morning-after pill is legal because it’s emergency contraception (aka pregnancy prevention).

The sooner you take the pill after unprotected sex, the more effective it is. The pill is most effective within 72 hours (3 days) after unprotected sex.

Your period should come at the normal time in your cycle or within a week. If it’s delayed further, it’s possible you may be pregnant.

Taking a pregnancy test weekly after unprotected sex is advised. The pregnancy test strips in your kit are 99% accurate in detecting the pregnancy hormone but may not detect a pregnancy before 3 weeks. Reach out to a medical provider if you have more questions, the test is positive, or you miss your period. Click here to see instructions for taking the test.

The over-the-counter morning-after pill is less effective if you weigh over 165 pounds. However, you can take ella® (effective for up to 195 pounds) which requires a prescription, or you can explore other options here. Make an appointment with your healthcare provider or if you live in Tulsa County at one of our partner clinics.

Have questions?
Text/call our helpline at (539) 302-3615‬, email, or go to

Have questions?
Text/call our helpline at (539) 302-3615‬, email, or go to

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